Palkana is a general contracting and trading company based in Iraq. It was founded in 2008 and registered as a first degree company. Palkana have been involved in construction works throughout Iraq.
As a general contractor (GC) and specialty subcontractor (Sub) we have implemented a wide range of projects. As a GC we have performed many major turn key projects in different sectors. As a subcontractor, One of our strong divisions is formwork and concrete. We perform concrete works for all our general contract projects, besides we frequently implement concrete only contracts for other clients.
Our diverse portfolio includes projects in the following sectors:
Public  buildings such as Passport buildings in Kirkuk and Slemani (as GC)
Residential  we are partners with Halabja Group in Garden City of Kirkuk, Zaitoon Project of Baghdad, We have also performed concrete works for many residential projects including Ibin Farnas in Baghdad (Sub), Garden City of Slemani (Sub), family land (Erbil)
Commercial  projects such as family mall of Slemani (Sub), Azadi market of Slemani (Sub)
Hospitals  such as chemical weapons victims and Type E hospital of Halabja (Sub) and 70 Bed Korea-Iraq intensive care hospital currently under construction (GC)
Educational  institutes such as Qalam college in Kirkuk (GC)
Industrial  projects such as Palletizer & Dispatch transformation of Bazian cement plant-Lafarge in Slemani (GC) , Cooling tower  of Shat AlBasra power plant (Sub), Halabja concrete batch plant in Slemani (Sub)
Infrastructure  We have been involved in several major projects including construction of Azadi bridge (Sub) and Shiwasoor bridge in Kirkuk (GC),  several large scale sewerage networks in Slemani and Kirkuk, All concrete works for Qularaisy water tank in Slemani (Sub), water tanks of Slemani Malik Mahmoud street (Sub). 
Power  We have executed several major Power distribution projects in Sharbazher, Takya, and Qaradagh. We have also performed power supply works for several major projects.
Humanitarian  as part of the efforts to accommodate displaced people, we executed the complementary works for Kalar refugee camp and Arbat Refugee clinic.
we are looking forward to contribute to the growing construction sector of Iraq 

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