Project Name Location Date Owner
Garden City - Kirkuk ( Construction of 415 residential houses ) Kirkuk Continued Kirkuk Investment Board
Family Mall-Slemani (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2015 Family Mall-Slemani
Ashti Camp Refugee Clinic Slemani-Arbat Completed 2017 Emergency (NGO)
Kalar Refugee Camp Complementary Kalar Completed 2017 Iraq ministry of Displacement & Migration
Qalam College Kirkuk Completed 2014 Qalam College
Ductile Pipes (Zone 5) Kirkuk Completed 2013 Partnering with ITSC Co.- Kirkuk Gov.
Rapareen sewerage network Kirkuk Completed 2013 Nooradin Co.
Azadi market (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2017 Azadi Market
Passport & Residency Bldg.- Slemani Slemani Completed 2015 Slemani Governorate
Malik Mahmood Street-Tanks & Median Slemani Completed 2010 Jabal Lubnan Co- Slemani Municipality
Hakiz Dam Chamchamal Completed 2012 Ministry of Water Resources, KRG
Kalar Jail & Access road Kalar Completed 2009 Garmian Administration, KRG
Garden City Towers (Concrete Works) Slemani Completed 2012 Halabja Group
Kazewa Sewerbox (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2012 Hazheer Co.-Slemani Municipality
Qlyasan Sewer box (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2012 Lanya Co.- Slemani Municipality
Tasluja road Concrete water tanks Slemani Completed 2010 Subhi Co.
Palletizer& Dispatch Transformation Slemani Completed 2018 Bazian Cement Plant-Lafarge
IBin Fernas Residential Complex Baghdad Completed 2021 Kar Group
Shat Al-Basra Power Plant-Cooling Towers (Concrete works) Basra Completed 2021 Kar Group
Tire feeding Slemani- Bazian Completed 2019 Bazian Cement Plant-Lafarge

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