Project Name Location Date Owner
Garden City - Kirkuk ( Construction of 415 residential houses )
Family Mall 2 formworks
Arbat Clinic for IDP's
Kalar IDP Camp and Clinic
Qalam College
Supplying and installing ductile pipes for zone 5
Rapareen sewerage network
Azady local market formwork
Construction of Slemani passport building
Malik Mahmood street concrete water tanks and curbstone works
Hakiz dam
Road for Kalar Jail
Mousil Ghazlanyah Compound
Jalawla Military Compound
Garden City Towers formwork
Aazewa sewerbox formwork
Qlyasan sewer box formwork
Taslwja road concrete water tanks formwork
Palletizer & Circulation Plan ciment plan (bazian).
Bn fernas city Suly Sat -2019 Halabja Group & Darin Group

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